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Wrong Hole - 2012 [12"]

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Toronto, ON
Wrong Hole’s debut LP “2012”, described by none other than nobody as “an 8 song tour-de-farts,” is a blistering, Big Black-esque, drum machine driven punk.

From Weird Canada and the self-aware idiocy of Griffin Martell:

Enlightenment through ignorance is the way of Wrong Hole. Spurred on by drummer Roland’s chintzy hardcore fury, keyboardist Jon Schouten (of Teenanger infamy) and guitarist Andrew Moszynski (of Comet Control polyphony) promulgate a squall of mid-day malaise. Instead of puritanical moralizing, funnyman vocalist Nick Flanagan spews moronically modest musings on the nature of automobiles, infertility and excessive wealth. Remarkably, at the core of all this absurdist comedy and self-aware idiocy is a profound embrace of the Socratic claim, “I know that I know nothing.”Embed this ancient Greek wisdom under an itchy blanket of sneering scuzz-punk and you get the first reg-rock masterpiece.