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Various Artists - HAVN Comp 1 [Cassette]

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Hamilton, ON
Limited Edition Cassette featuring HAVNrecords artists: Reiki Share Eccinaccea Hutchi Hello Babies Eschaton Bosveld Emay & L-SPEX Sixon Haolin Munk Zena Big River Dream

From Weird Canada and the well-worn slate of Jason Rule:
Stare out the window at the steel grey skies, steel grey minds, steel grey rhymes for steel grey times. Around the corner you hear primal screams, unforgiving drones, and punked out transmissions in the alley behind the armoury. Walk down James in a haze, with overdrawn, fractured rhythms that unspool and reassemble themselves in just as much time (did I hear this in the back of the brain /// or was it just my brain?) Safe to say, I’m happy with what my friends are up to.