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Twin Crystals - Child Life [Cassette]

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Vancouver, B.C.

From Weird Canada and the hazy memory of Morgan Cook:

Faceless wizards invoke the powers of isolation, alienation and greydom. Jesse Taylor, Jordan Koop and Jeremiah Hayward have maintained a heavy hand in the darker world of Vancouver music since these songs were originally recorded in 2010. The Noise Floor, Nite Prison, Defektors, and Mormon Crosses are just some of the cauldrons from which their magic flows. This recovered collection of self-described synth-punk has the anthemic quality of power ballads, the jitteriness of dark dance and the heavy sludginess the northwest is famous for. Feels like scoring drugs with that person you know you shouldn’t be spending time with. Feels bad but feels so good and you suspect that everything you were looking for is right here.