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Tough Age - Tough Age [CD]

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Vancouver, BC
Long-awaited debut CD from Vancouver supergroup Tough Age! Get stoked!

From Weird Canada and the dream date of Joel French:

It’s a strange feeling to have heard a band’s entire catalogue live before hearing a single recorded song. After touring withTough Age I was afraid to listen to their debut on Mint Records as I thought it would be hard to carry the live energy — now as much a part of the songs for me as the impeccable songwriting itself — to vinyl. I was wrong. Chris Martell’s monster drumming, Lauren Smith’s neverending smile above driving basslines, Penny Clark’s shy mystique and Jarrett Samson’s boisterous personality can all be felt just fine on this slab of plastic. What a great pop record by some West Coast pals. Makes me want to eat a sack of ‘burgs and dance on some old exercise equipment.