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The Saffron Sect - A Pinch of Chalk b/w All Lead Back [7"]

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Toronto, ON
"Technicolour tunes for tomorrow people, tweeds and beads. These Saffrons champion the sounds of progressive atavism and new mythological times in, around and despite the modern age. Hear the long-awaited single from this esoteric Toronto group. Electrified folk-psych meshed with brilliant pop-psych moves! Download code included. ~13 O'Clock Records"" (see also: Zamut Nevagnu Eniaroll, Thee Gnostics, Transcendental Rodeo, The Spiritual Sky Blues Band, Pneuma Ensemble for Mediaeval Music etc.) "

From Weird Canada and the one nights stands of Gabe Girard:

13 O’Clock Records, Austin’s psych-pop repository extraordinaire indulges us with something more than a one night stand. The Saffron Sect alternate between sultry open-ended jams and glittering hooks loaded with bait attractive enough to catch fish for days. Not just faithful rehashes of 50s, golden era pop/rock psychedelia, this 7” inch carves out its own trajectory. Fishing for a good time starts with throwing in your line.