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The Pink Noise - Greedy Heart [12"]

12 CAD / In stock.
Montreal, QC
Montreal-based future punk in its first full-band appearance on wax. Edition of 300 (100 random colour mix, 200 black vinyl) on Skrot Up Records. These are the black vinyl copies.

From Weird Canada and the 10 cent masquerade of James Lindsay:

Mark Sauner’s overdue return to vinyl, with full band in tow, finds him swaggering more towards the sexiness of Jim Morrison’s rock ‘n roll poet than Mark E. Smith’s surreal, blue-collar acid-bark — of which many a comparison to his vocal styling has been made. There’s still the synth-as-bass (care of Matt Samways from Electric Voice) that’s helped define the Pink Noise over the years, but the scratchy, echo-punk guitar attack of Graeme Langdon (Psychic Handshake boss) and the mesmerizing, rolling drums of Tara Desmond redirect the sound to a more playful place. Greedy Heart is the place where the No Wave kids with the skinny lapels rub shoulders with quick-witted culture snobs, making mean little jabs so acute that you can’t help but snicker.