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The Pink Noise - Decay [Cassette]

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Montreal, QC

From Weird Canada and the time-warped transgressions of Mark Anthony Brennan:

Frown. “Did it work?” “Not sure. Shifting a funk band through space-time from 1972 isn’t easy, you know.” Pointing finger. “But … they sound like the Velvet Underground doing Vegas.” Shifting eyes, surveying panel. “Interference. Some glam got in. And British punk. And …. “ “Noise. A lot of noise.” Gulp. “I know, I know. There’s static. We introduced some atmospheric distortion.” “Something’s warped. But it’s brilliant. Like nothing I’ve ever heard.” Eyes wildly darting. “Is it warped genius or temporal distortion?” Hiss. “What do we do?” “I think we should get the f&%k outta here.” “I’m right behind you.”