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The Mandates - The Mandates [Cassette]

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Calgary, AB

From Weird Canada and the secret cave hideaway of Matthew Lazenby:

The Mandates trade in greasy, sleazy rock ‘n roll without a care in the world, yet every moment is tight and compact. Some may hear this collection of fist-pumping gems and refer to it as a throwback: three-minute tunes basking in timeless traditions of balls-out rock. And while it’s true that songs like “Gotta Forget That Girl” and “Daggers Girl” get me thinking about the Dead Boys or Richard Hell and the Voidoids, the sheer pluckiness and charm of this record is pretty irresistible. “She’s Walkin’ Over” closes the album in style with a driving beat, trashy power chords, and infectious hooks. Simply put, the Mandates’ new record is a barrage of snot-nosed guitar-laden fun.