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The Electric Dates - The Electric Dates [Cassette]

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Victoria, BC
Demo tape from THE ELECTRIC DATES. Victoria, BC garage-psych-slop

From Weird Canada and the radio static riffs of Preacher Katie:

The grungy, raw, radio static riffs of The Electric Dates’ red lip-sticked blushes will reverb your airwaves in less than 20 minutes. Their constant hip-swinging beat will make you get down on your hands and knees and worship the original artyfacts. The catchy, garage-psych whitecaps of “Flat Tire” will transport you to the time when your smelly, red velvet vanbroke down on the side of the road while you were on the way to a gig. Mattie Chelsea’s dominant duality of masculine/feminine sliding/grinding on “Barneymugging” will bring back nostalgic, noise-filled memories of your mom’s garage.