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The Binz - How To Freak Out Responsibly About The Rise Of The Robots [Cassette]

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Vancouver, BC
debut full-length album from THE BINZ of Vancouver, BC.

From Weird Canada and the Y2K shelter of Kyle Valade:

The Binz’ How to Freak Out Responsibly About the Rise of the Robots, released by spirited one-man Vancouver punk label, Not Yer Buddy Records, is a seething, violent mass with something friendly at its core. The songs come from afamiliar place without being too familiar, moving forward so quickly that there’s not much time to sit and zone-out to any given riff — there’s something even better coming and it’s starting to hit now. But rather than being complex, the album is tireless, with Gary Roberts alternating between singing and screaming, restraint and onslaught, hurtling us towards the end.