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The Bats Pajamas - No Hello [Cassette]

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Toronto, ON
"No Hello' was recorded to tape in a few days with a DIY living room setup. Tracks 1-3, 6-9 were recorded by The Bats Pajamas, Tracks 4 & 5 were recorded by Denholm Whale. Mastered by Phil Demetro Released by Fleeting Youth Records on May 26, 2015"

From Weird Canada and the curdled misanthropy of Adam Bradley:

A primo specimen of Toronto’s malformed and curdled species of garage rock. Septic distortion and scummed up bass slop on top of misanthropic, snotty vocals. Kickin’ shit over riffs. Window smashing ugliness. Skipped off again, pizza in the alleyway, beer in a bag. Slacker maniac grudge-grunge, hacking a lung, an infected mess bubbling up throbbing puce-goldenrod.