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The Backhomes - Only Friend [Cassette]

5 CAD / In stock.
Victoria, BC
Dreamy Psychpop 2-piece from Montreal // Victoria. Shake! is proud to present the debut LP + 2 bonus tracks on killer cassette.

From Weird Canada and the hibernation dreams of Johnnie Regalado:

Only Friend, the debut album from The Backhomes, engulfs you in a cathartic soundscape akin to stepping out of a dark winter cave into the first sunny days of pure blue sky. When the needle catches the groove, the heat waves begin. With just a couple of guitars and some pedals, this duo – featuring a former member of The Besnard Lakes and a talented visual artist – is able to create a wall of sound that could smother a cathedral. Each song is crafted with the delicacy and dedication of master musicians; they know exactly what they want to sound like, and always hit that level, live or recorded. The Backhomes pulled the opposite move of most Vancouver Island bands, throwing away the bohemia of Montreal to ride the slow waves. Until they came to town, this seemed like another Victoria one-way street. Their perfection and precision is a sharp contrast to the usual lo-fi pop-rock the Capital City is known for and this has allowed The Backhomes a quick rise to the top of the scene — a position well earned and deserved.