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Strange Attractor - Mutant Love [12"]

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Sudbury, ON
The Statues fucking sucked, but Strange Attractor do not. They are pretty damn good punk band, especially considering they’re Canadian. “O.M.L.” sounds like the singer from The Panics fronting The Gizmos. Tunes like “Nothing New”, “Juli”, “Tell It How It Is” and “Nite Stick” are just-weird-enough Sixties garage rockers with a punk snarl that really sound kinda slick in a good way. Great variety of guitar sounds and use of some sound effects, and the guy’s vox are really able to carry the songs. Seeds vs. Angry Samoans aesthetics. There’s not a lot of bands today capable of making what seems to be a standard garage-punk sound, yet elevating it with some creative tweaking and not just dropping a ten-ton bucket of fuzz on things, adopting a food-themed gimmick or going too pop (power- or –punk style). This is played really well and recorded for maximum enjoyment. Eight songs and it’s way above par, and honestly better than it has a right to be. Not gonna set yer world on fire or compete with Mad Nanna fans, but for a fun and dumb record it’s got the goods. Deluxe gatefold on Red Lounge! (RK) Terminal Boredom.