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Space Bros. - In the Dreamtime of the Saucer People [Cassette]

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Vancouver, BC
From Weird Canada and the Quasar of Trevor Angst:

Space Bros. made a cosmic wormhole. You’re chewed up, you’re spit out, you don’t know where the hell it took you but it’s busy with people and activity. You’re entering into a new world. ‘‘IDSP’’ relays the observations of an outsider’s wander through an unfamiliar city in perpetual night. Set in the not-so-distant future, the city is dynamic, it’s fast paced and you are the outsider. The detuned and vibrating synthesizers make the dreary night hours of this big and futuristic city sound thriving. The afterhours are alive; you can hear the dissonant vocal samples. They sound like muffled intergalactic discotheque muzak that leaked from the venues’ walls and onto the streets. Beneath you there’s an underpass of swooshing polyphonic sounds of light bikes and hover crafts. The city is moving fast and drains its power crystals night and day. The result is making everything hum like an old GE refrigerator. Even the atmosphere sounds high voltage.