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Snooker Emporium - Snooker Emporium [Cassette]

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Montreal, QC
Experimental noise journey brought to you by SNOOKER EMPORIUM. Trip out. Zone in.

From Weird Canada and the tortured cerebrum of Mark Anthony Brennan:

In the beginning there are ponderous clouds of rhythm with raindrops of keyboards precipitating out of them. Not clouds made by Mother Nature, mind you. They’re perfectly formed and symmetrical. The clouds part and shards of electric sunshine pierce through in glorious disharmony.

This left brain/right brain ping-pong game continues throughout the balance of the record. Occasionally it’s an all-outZappafest but usually they blast their own carefully constructed office buildings of sound with spurts of discord. It’s the yin and yang. The Abbot and Costello. Thanks, ’cos our brains need balance.