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Shearing Pinx - Weaponry [12"]

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Vancouver, BC
This LP sets up a classic, demento-tuned twin guitar battle where a nonchalant vocal delivery squares off against the drum set’s muscular fake jazz-jizz-isms. William S. Burroughs used a shotgun to create paintings. Shearing Pinx use musical instruments to wound and maim. Tunes for the unglued.

From Weird Canada:
The past three years have seen Shearing Pinx focus their creative blasts from harsh noise-punk to decimating experimentalism, tying together streams of sans-wave, noise, 90s-whatever-rock, and experimental every/any/something.Weaponry, Shearing Pinx’s first of two slated albums on Halifax’s Divorce Records, is by far their most meditative release and leaps into the unchartered netherlands of post-ritual druid-wave; ruminating vocals pierce through our cosmetic musical barriers and channel sinusoidal rhythms embedded within searing pleas of release (I’m really trying to convey a feeling I’ve had while listening to this record for the past four days straight and it’s hard). Fourier would be proud as the album converges; inspiring, leading, and transcending national boundaries in an effort to present the world with one the best adjective-punk records of 2009. My highest recommendation.