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Semen Priest - Third Testament [Cassette]

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Toronto, ON
Third album by Canadian electro-provocateurs. Video voodoo. Cell phone curses. Rollerbladerunners. IF IT DOESN'T HURT, IT ISN'T BASS.

From Weird Canada and the masterful sleaze of Adam Bradley:

A grinning, skeletonized and sunglass-eyed Right Said Fred strutting through strobe lit hell-waste, lava sloshing to the groovy thrust. Rowland S. Howard rolled up in a rug made of disco ball shards, thwacked with sticks by little gremlin versions of A Certain Ratio. Masterful sleaze drips viscous. Fat cherry lips pout in the darkness and lick salaciously. Clammy palms rub together. Teeth gnash anticipation. The air is sulphur and cigarette.