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Quivers - CS019 - Self Portrait in E [Cassette]

8 CAD / In stock.
Halifax, NS
Cassette comes in a hand made paper case, plus, you get an instant download from bandcamp.

From Weird Canada and the grouplove innuendo of Joshua Robinson:

Rich with the esotericism of an anachronistic and nostalgic release, Quivers sublimate to fruition with live performance grouplove innuendo. Manifest as the middle ground between pastism and presentism (in the most respectful of ways), the Halifax band is a modern embodiment of the orgiastic creativity of the free-thought ’70s. Quivers hold the flame to reconstitute music as an artform that is equal parts nostalgia and progression. In the light of all that is truly authentic, they bear the mark of transitional beings praying for a return to our fruitful and artfully idiosyncratic past.