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Pop Crimes - Digital Dream b/w Radio Eye [7"]

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Winnipeg, MB
Noisy brand of post punk, pop crimes makes a progressive blend of textured guitars, fast rhythms, and hectic distortion.

From Weird Canada and the doom swells of Paul Lawton:

I caught this band at one of Sled Island 2013’s many lost soul refugee camps for Canada’s rock set. Pop Crimes were perfectly suited for that particular form of climate crisis: deep, heady and drowning in hopelessness. When you’re running from the floods, you have to pick your poison: do we bliss out and pretend that nothing is wrong? Do we try and connect with the internal doom swells and ride the lightning? Consider this post-Sled guilt that I was busy shotgunning warm Pilsner and asking “what band is this?” instead of getting dirty, filling sandbags or rescuing puppies. Winnipeg remains the soundtrack for my guilty conscience.