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Partli Cloudi - Watermelon Cauliflower [Cassette]

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Toronto, ON
Vancouver Island resident Stephen Wolf spends his days masquerading as a “mild-mannered librarian” but after quitting time, he mutates into his musical alter-ego, Partli Cloudi. A self-described “bedroom recordist”, Wolf spends his early evenings and nights freeing forgotten audio-book clippings from the dark void of his library’s collection, pairing them with audio accoutrements to create a trippy world of found-sound and aural oddities.

From Weird Canada and the sock puppet hands of Talia Jacob:

Watermelon Cauliflower is a delightfully rotten treat. An odd pleasure come to haunt your weirdest nightmares. Oozing out of the cassette tape, the music begins to take its form: a hissing, lurching mass of absurd found sounds. PARTLI CLOUDI layers aural oddities into a miasmic soundscape where long-lost audio book narrators find their voices caught in a tide of strange tribal rhythms, squelching riffs, and swooning bass.