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Omma Cobba - CS001 - Policeman [Cassette]

8 CAD / In stock.
Toronto, ON
Comes in a hand made, silkscreened paper case, includes a download card for a video for your ipod or iphone, and you get an instant download from bandcamp.

From Weird Canada and the secret police of Aaron Levin:
It’s been a year since I received a humble e-mail from OmmaCobba containing a soft-focus view into the paranormal meanderings of an ex-OmonRa marijuana ensemble. Finally, languishing within my grip is a cassingle dripping in organ-driven low-end and dazzling rhythm. With a lysergic drawl that engulfs a fantastic journey through trans-planar mellow, OmmaCobba tweak you into a new wavelength of future-hippie regalia. All of it tightly packaged in a silk-screened cassingle care of Craft Singles. GRIP.