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OK Vancouver OK - Food Shelter Water [Cassette]

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Vancouver, BC

From Weird Canada and the aching care of Joel Thibert:

If you’re not familiar with OK Vancouver OK’s impressive back catalogue, Food Shelter Water is a great place to start. Channeling tenderness, the environment, and driving yelp-rock in joyous rotation, the band charges through 14 songs that often glorify nature without ever proselytising it. “I’ve Been Since I’ve Been” oscillates and churns, pulling you along with aching care before building and ending on a thick rising bassline. The album cuts a wide swath, ranging from the frantic questioning yips of “What’s My Memory For?” to the mounting, hopeful yearn of “I Want Children to Swim in a River They Can Drink From”. Cup your tea, hold hands, and make time for this record.