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N.213 - Sungod Arena [Cassette]

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Vancouver, BC
All songs written, recorded & performed by Nic Hughes. Winter 2012 <> 4-Track using: Voice, Dums, Guitar, Bass, Optimus, Shakers, Bells, Accordion, Mixer, Samples, Parking Lot Sounds.... "DAN'S NIGHTMARE" Contains audio from David Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive'

From Weird Canada and the string eruption of Eamon Quinn:

Vancouverite Nic Hughes (Shearing Pinx, Pompoir) has been hitting a peak-of-his-powers high for forever now (ca. 1996). Each release introduces devotees to another cast of terrified mutant denizens of the same cold, vicious subterranea thatChrome and Throbbing Gristle once inhabited. Sungod Arena is no exception. If anything, the claustrophobia occasioned by the violent meeting of no-technique basement drums, blown-out NZ-Underground string eruption, “parking lot sounds”, and Hughes’s pained, singular voice makes for an even more unsettling experience than the comparatively fun Shearing Pinx.