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Moths & Locusts - Mission Collapse In The Twin Sun Megaverse [CD]

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Nanaimo, BC
Presenting super-heavy, riff-driven wig-outs, lush psych-folk, hypnotic instrumental explorations and reflective, dreamy interludes, Mission Collapse… is an impeccably crafted, neo-psychedelic masterpiece in the free-roaming spirit of such as Wooden Shjips or Animal Collective, yet draws on a vast array of influences way beyond the obvious.

From Weird Canada and the sci-fi pedals of Preacher Katie:

Motionless yet stormy rhythmic changes fuzz your perception of time. Smoke fills the planetary spaces in your psyche while the distant and variant voices of Dave Bean churn the waves of your hypnotic dreams into a melting kaleidoscope. Just when you’ve figured out the feeling that has swallowed your body, another clean and heavy riff presents a solitary black hole from which gravity prevents any of your insanity from escaping. Nanaimo’s growing music, art and subcultural scene has birthed this neo-psychedelic, space-rock group of white-suited painters from the dust bunny sci-fi pedals of Dave Read’s basement. Released on the band’s own Noise Agony Mayhem Records, this mission will collapse somewhere between the White Rabbit’s pocket watch and a horizon that marks the point of no return.