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Moss Lime - Zoo de Québec [10"]

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Montreal, QC
From Weird Canada and the memoire footnotes of Rolf Klausener:

The canon of popular music is a thick and robust map of nascent islands and ancient territories. Among them is a land inhabited by the unconscious bass grooves of E.S.G. and the twisted innocence of Beat Happening and the Raincoats; Moss Lime run an eclectic thrift store on its outermost borders. Zoo du Quebec is a furtive tidal wave of immediacy and joy. We’re living through a time when vocals are auto-tuned to Adele-ish heights, or stripped of any intimacy by the fog of reverb; singer Hélène Barbier offers glorious contrast. Her dry and dadaist storytelling, sounds like a new friend quietly letting you know, over the din of a packed and sweaty bar, that there’s a quiet, late-night cafe around the corner, and it has the best veggie poutine in town; Moss Lime takes your hand, walks you out of the bar, and guides you far from the fray.