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Meat Curtains // Pompoir - Blue Rare [Cassette]

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Meat Curtains - Halifax, NS
Pompoir - Vancouver, BC
Meat Curtains are east coast hellions (sadly now defunct) and they're sassy as hell. They bite hard. Bass/2xGuitar/Drums plus a couple members shrieking and full on raunch. |||| Pompoir (also now defunct) had a short and sweet lived revival releasing punk surf? in the garage. Members of SHPX, Nun Un and Ixquic. Also bites and also hard.

From Weird Canada and the blue-label rarity of James Goddard:
There is the music – loud, thrashed out, punk descended, riff heavy tunes held together by cacophonous percussion and throat tearing vocals. Then there is the politics – re-appropriating pejorative terms for female anatomy and sex acts, a jaded DIY nihilism, and the revolutionary potential of punk itself. There is the A Side – Halifax’s critic-baiting, charcuterie-themed, absurdist fem-core four piece Meat Curtains. Then there is the B Side – Vancouver’s sex-positive, weird punk, all-stars. There is…you’re still reading this crap? You should probably listen to the fuckin’ traxxx. Now. It’s imperative.