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L.T. Leif - shadow on the brim / rough beasts [12"]

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Calgary, AB
droney folk albums about the inner wilds and the complicated soil. Recorded by Leif with Dice Parks (side a) and Jay Crocker (side b). Gentle on the surface with a heavy copper core.

"Leif is one of those special types of songwriters, the kind of artist that can stop a day in its tracks, pull it apart, bend it this way and that, and transport the listener somewhere else entirely" -gold flake paint

From Weird Canada and the altered beast of Kevin Stebner:

Talk about the most underrated of songwriters in Canada. Pioneer Girl of all things vibrant, Laura Leif delivers songs as a sort of throaty, prairie-born Joanna Newsom, where the mean indifference of Toronto is unable to handle her openness, prompting this squamish outflow of ukeleles, guitars and windy voices. The foggy gloom of Nova Scotia, where it was recorded, seems to have infiltrated the tape; Rough Beasts sticks like pinpoints across the Canadian map, like those very pinpricks of Leif’s slight vocal delivery. Legendary curmudgeon Calvin Johnston knows the deal, ’bout time you did.