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Lee Paradise - Water Palace Kingdom [12"]

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Toronto, ON
From Weird Canada and the diner talk of Brad Casey:

There’s this one boy in your class. He doesn’t make eye contact with anyone. His hair is like a black rooster’s comb. His jawline is so defined it’s almost monstrous. He’s thin but his skin is so tight he’s vacuum sealed. Sometimes you glance across the expanse of bodies at their desks, hoping he’ll look back, but he’s casually drawing faces with a copycat Egon Schiele grotesqueness. His headphones drape around his neck like a dead animal. The bell will ring, and he’ll walk out of the room shrouding the sides of his face with those same dead animal headphones while you wonder what he’s listening to. You’ll fantasize about telling him about Lee Paradise, how you’ll put the needle to the record in his room. Everything smells like summer and he smiles and you could die like this. Just like this.