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Lab Coast - Walking On Ayr [Cassette]

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Calgary, AB

From Weird Canada and the tea cozy cupboard of Joseph Stephenson Taylor:

Where are our cats? We need a furry purr by our side to accompany this twee cacophony. Real and reliable, this is a sure-fire remedy to break the monotony of an extended prairie drive or expel the anxious comedown of a lively sock hop. The broken glasses croon and slapback delayed axe give us warm fuzzies, while the thump-thump of the bass and the dust storm from the drums keeps it punk rock enough for us to consider stealing cigs from our boss’s backpack. All the teacups are sitting in the sink and it’s too hot for a colourful sweater, but we know they belong here with us, our fat tabbies and Lab Coast’s Walking on Ayr.