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Ketamines - Single Series 1/4 "All The Colours of your Heart" [7"]

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Toronto, ON
The first of a four part series of 7"s by everyone's favorite space-out punks, The Ketamines. Collect all of them to complete a grand, mind-bending image of magic by artist Felix Morel. "All The Colours of Your Heart" is The Ketamines staying from the garage and discovering a jazzier side of themselves; taking that swing into the sunshine of romance and power-pop. Along the same gracious lines, the b side, "Turning You On," is like rolling down a grassy hill in the summer while Syd Barrett jangles away next to you. For earworm lovers only. Edition of 300. Black vinyl. First in a four part 7" series that completes a mystical image by Felix Morel.

From Weird Canada and The Mortal Coil of Christopher Laramee:

Tired of smashing your head against the punk rock ’til it bleeds? Nah, me neither. Neither are The Ketamines. As always, they’re up to their old tricks again. Side A kicks off proceedings with “Colours”’s wicked Steve-Cropper-jonesing GEETAR licks bumping with some uptight rythym urgency. Hit a sideways pogo to “chase away the gloom”, as our heroes say. Besides being a nice (ahem) sexualized horizontal anthem, this punk-as-funk mover’s got hooks aplenty. Imagine Sky Saxon lighting boards (JOINTS!, squares!) for The Meters, and you’re almost there. Side B’s “Turning You On”’s a teen monster movie throb, the one where the zombie rises off the floor and tries to grab some flesh before getting bounced out of the party. I feel like I’ve seen this show awhile back, but shit, I’m still gonna watch! This single’s the first in a four-part series that, when all the covers are assembled, form a certain kind of Jedi-soft-core-daytime pleasure zone. Everyone stays safe, while still feeling threatened. Ummm, Rock’n Roll !?!??!