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Jay Arner - Bad Friend [7"]

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Vancouver, BC
Incredible debut 7" from Jay Arner. Addictive summer yearning laced with brooding minor-key pop moves. Our highest recommendation for listless evenings whose wind blows your angst within and not away...

From Weird Canada and the distorted cruise of Aaron Levin:
Sometimes it’s just the feeling that perseveres. Not the delicate soundscape nor the sparing metaphor; just a pervasive memory lingering; echoes and ambers from the fires of pop and catch. “Black Horse” is a rare breed of languid summer burners and ethereal dissonance, capturing a bleary, pitch-shifted vision into one of the most enduring songs of the season. Bad Friend provides a welcomed balance to “Black Horse”‘s minor-key nostalgia with the title track “Bad Friend”: a distorted cruise through granular addiction and classic 90s jammery. An unsurprising favorite at the HQ. Grip+++.