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Induced Labour - Induced Labour [7"]

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Toronto, ON
Inaugural release on Pleasence!

In their short life Induced Labour smeared a trail of spazz-scum across Toronto destroying anything that got in their way. Contained members of Doom Tickler, Sick Lipstick, Disguises, and Rat Tail. A true masterpiece of Toronto puck history. Looks beautiful in cough-drop-red vinyl; white on black cover illustration by Leslie Predy
From Weird Canada and the ritual bloodlettings of Jessica Faulds:
Borne on tsunamis of guitar malice, Leslie Predy’s gremlin mutterings harsh the mellow of the past year’s beach-tinged zeitgeist. Funhouse mirror distortion perverts carnivalesque hooks, begetting a potential soundtrack to Pogo The Clown’s ritual bloodlettings. The face-liquefying thrashery is referenced in the cover’s flesh-drippings, and Induced Labour boil it all down into a thick, bloody gravy. Serve hot on a bed of hardboiled terror.