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HUT - It's Real [Cassette]

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Toronto, ON

From Weird Canada and the crater cone of Katie Jensen:

This is what happens when bleach eats its way into a surfer’s brain.

Amorphous bimbos sprinkle the dunes like fleshy beach fenceposts. No one is watching the skywriter spell out dirty wordsin a puff of warm pastel fudge.

A young man is stumbling towards you with a picnic basket filled with translucent water guns sloshing with saliva. He gestures for you to help him, but watch out. He’ll pick your pockets and fill them with garbage from behind the washroom.

You have permission to fold yourself in half, to untwist your bowels, to smack your pink, shining gums against anything that moves. Everyone is waiting for you to show them how it’s done.