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Hermetic - Heartbreakology [Cassette]

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Vancouver, BC

From Weird Canada the loveseat intimacy of  Bryce Warnes:

Hermetic’s fuzzy-wuzzy post-something pop jams provide a smooth and impossibly catchy underpinning for literate, walking-home-alone lyricism. On “Company You Keep,” Eric Axen (Sightlines) complains of being “too bored to think,” while “Conspicuous Production” hurls verbal volleys at a vacuous music industry, “commerce just like anything else.” Axen’s baritone guitar, Bart Newman’s skin-tight drumming and the pair’s shared honeysweet vocal duties crush the sound space on this too-short tape into loveseat intimacy, “a place where flesh dissolves and minds embrace” (“Man of Letters”). Recommended for advanced students of the science of heartbreak.