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Glad Rags - Smile [12"]

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Vancouver, B.C. 

SMILE is Glad Rags debut full-length LP. With punk, grunge, rock, and pop influences, Glad Rags write songs that call bullshit on dumb jobs, sexual harassment, and toxic relationships, among other themes. As Keagen Perlette said in Discorder, "The band has one volume and that’s loud. The drums are fast, the bass, chugging, the vocals are screams." Recorded with Jesse Gander at Raincity Recorders, the tracks pack a punch and the whole album clocks in at less than half an hour. The album, the band's 'firstborn', brings together 10 tracks from the band's two years of writing and performing.

From Weird Canada and the infatuated dude bros of Gabe Girard:

This compliment of raucous Vancouver riotgrrls lets you in on a little secret, and its not the one you were looking for. Infatuated dude-bros beware, they will show you the pavement just as fast they show you the door, should you overstep your bounds. Somewhere between Liliput and the Ramones, Glad Rags’ debut EP is a celebration of Popsicles, Meat Legs, femme firebrands and punk rock. With their full length release coming up this fall, The Glad Rags will be an act to watch out for. Not for the faint of hearrrt.