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Fresh Snow - I [Cassette]

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Toronto, ON
Fresh Snow's debut album "I". Following on from their sold out 7" split with METZ and their sold out 3" CD release of "Saturation Complete".

From Weird Canada and the methadone serenity of Trevor Blumas:

I’m unsure whether the dudes in Fresh Snow conceived of an over-arching narrative for their debut album, but I certainly read it that way. Cassette-exclusive opener “French Horse Hall of Fame” lets you know immediately what kind of wild ride you’ll be embarking on. Upon my first listen, I suddenly felt a sensation similar to that moment in the dentist chair, when the wonderfully numbing drugs begin to take over your body and the instruments of destruction start to mangle your teeth like a demolition site. The blissful screaming of the feedback symphony, which unrelentingly churns like an infinitely hollow stomach, only dissipated at moments to allow some genuinely groovy rhythms to carry me into a buzzsaw of enlightenment. I found myself in Nirvana, and it actually happened to look a lot like ’70s era Berlin. Methadone serenity at times, stick-up at Checkpoint Charlie the rest.