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Foonyap - Palimpsest [Lyric Book]

11.50 CAD / In stock.
Calgary, AB
Lovingly hand-packaged booklet with all the lyrics and download code. Comes with 3 playful magnets illustrated by Cathleen Gasca. Hours of introspective fun on the fridge.

"her voice can move mountains."
- CBC Radio 3

"a tense and bespoke mixture of swampy electronics, strings, and vocals that flash with a bold volcanic brilliance." - The FADER

A “palimpsest” is a manuscript in which traces of the original can still be found – FOONYAP’s latest album is a raw and unguarded reflection of her tumultuous journey to self-discovery through her painful past.

Born in Calgary, FOONYAP started violin when she was 4. Embedded in classical music, Catholicism and Chinese culture, FOONYAP struggled with conformity, alongside a need for acceptance. Music allows FOONYAP to express the self she struggled so hard to find. A hauntingly beautiful blend of folk and electronic that incorporates her Chinese heritage, each song captures various components of her past and present realities, be it through dark soundscapes that mirror anxious longing, or powerful electronic rifts that reflect painful life transitions.