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Foonyap - Palimpsest [12"]

22 CAD / In stock.
Calgary, AB
Limited Edition first pressing on 12" black vinyl. Label design by Renée Mak. Packaged in a black disco jacket.

"her voice can move mountains."
- CBC Radio 3

"a tense and bespoke mixture of swampy electronics, strings, and vocals that flash with a bold volcanic brilliance." - The FADER

A “palimpsest” is a manuscript in which traces of the original can still be found – FOONYAP’s latest album is a raw and unguarded reflection of her tumultuous journey to self-discovery through her painful past. Searing electronic rifts blend folk sensibilities and her Chinese heritage creating an utterly moving artistic statement.

Born in Calgary, FOONYAP started violin when she was 4. Embedded in classical music, Catholicism and Chinese culture, FOONYAP struggled with conformity, alongside a need for acceptance. When she reached her breaking point, FOONYAP grasped the shattered fragments of her musical past with new positive intentions.