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Everything is Geometry - Serialized Decay: an eig omnibus 2009​-​2012 [Cassette]

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Halifax, NS
A selection of self-curated tracks covering the period from EIG's inception in 2009 till its untethering from vancouver island in 2012.

All the ep's and splits released under the EIG name (2009-2012) are represented in some form here... plus, there are a couple previously unreleased things too ("10 to 1" and "front", both from an abandoned Lebanon themed ep).

There's a whole lot not included, due to the fact that either a) its pretty bad b) I don't have any copies of it in usable form or c) I've forgotten it existed... likely by choice.

There are some pretty serious fidelity changes throughout. I've put a small amount of effort into dialing back the actual volume on the shrill numbers... but they still exist.

Some of the tracks are also slightly different mixes then what was originally put out... the fact that i've only kept alternative master mixes is a mystery.

EIG was initially created to experiment with bouncing maxed out cassette 4 tracks to a computer then back to said 4 track then back to computer etc... essentially to eliminate the hiss and degradation inherent in bouncing tracks on the 4 track itself... it works, although you need to retune yr instruments a whole lot and the hiss is always going to be there. EIG was also initially created, more importantly, to write songs with kristjanne.

ln retrospect, and removed at least a couple of years from the tracks... i'm happy with the way they turned out, i'm happy that kristjanne and i got to make them together and i'm happy that they were made where they were made and when they were made.