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Elrichman - Young, Healthy and Wonderful [Cassette]

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Toronto, ON
The debut album from young Elrichman (Paul Erlichman of Pleasence staple Gay) finds the troubadour masterfully marrying sunny jangle-pop with orchestral arrangements, cosmic synths, and wild back beats (care of Sexy Merlin). Fans of Gay's wordplay and pop experimentalism should take note. This portrait of an artist enjoying his day off could be the soundtrack for the rest of your summers.

From Weird Canada and the dirty shades of Shawna Naklicki:

Known for his part in fearless fun-havers Gay, Paul Erlichman shifts to his inner crooner, beach bum and romantic with this side project. While maintaining his signature guitar twang, he switches group vocals for a spotlight on one, driving drums for simple strings. That’s not to say he’s taking life too seriously. It just means he’ll be spending lots of time in the cool shade of a palm singing psychedelic love songs.