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Economics - The Wastes [12"]

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Saskatoon, SK
Economics’ second album is an ambitious concept centering around divorce, loss, and change set to dance beats and vintage synth tones. It features a number of guest artists, including Maybe Smith, soso, and the Karpinka Brothers.

From Weird Canada and the rubber soles of Joshua Robinson:

Friends pass like whispered winds in the night, singing of the experimental electro-pop caught in their spines, coursing through their backs like so many wraith-like downbeats that cut across the padded divides of static lo-fidelities. These songs have been captured in bare palms, upturned to dry their diaphoretic faces in the warm glow of the ebbing particles that rain down from the ceilings above. Waning lullabies for static hearts; copper wire conduits connecting anodic pitter-patters to the rubber soles that walk across electrified prairie plains.