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Diamond Mind - Fake Tape [Cassette]

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Edmonton, AB
"Fake Tape is the first EP from Edmonton indie/noise/experimental/fountain pop quartet Diamond Mind. ""... features four bedroom tracks that defy reason. The kaleidoscopic layers of shimmering sound approximate a recording texture more akin to some offbeat 70s film soundtrack. [Their] uniquely honed guitar centered writing is obscured by a constantly surprising fabric of violin, cello, and skuttling percussives." --Joe Gurba, Argue Job

From Weird Canada and the heliconian wings of Tyler Butler:

Liam Trimble, the king of prairie pop, lends his dulcet tone to another collection. These are dark songs for cryogenically frozen hearts. In these shortgrass winters, love waits passively under eight months of pupal darkness, emerges fragrant and wild. Inhale. It hits you like a nail to the forehead, burns like a flaming house. Open your third eye to a neverending summer: forged on forgotten snows, written in pen across exposed flesh.