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Cyclopean Wall / Les Hommes Chiens - Hypothetical Planet/Et Diabolus Incarnatus Est Et Homo Factus Est [Cassette]

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Montreal, QC / Toronto, ON
Hailing from Toronto, Cyclopean Wall perform four tracks ranging between kosmiche ambience and total fuzz worship, featuring a "cover" of the Dr. Who theme. On the B-side, Montreal's Les Hommes-Chiens present a two part suite of drone/industrial.

From Weird Canada and the outer limits of Katie Jensen:

Monophonic guitars swirl towards a silvery nexus like draining bathwater, sucking and sputtering into a hollow vortex.

Spirographic noumena orbit an event horizon, watching time crawl on its hands and feet as magnetic lovers are drawn together in polar opposition, ripping themselves free at the promise of a chance encounter with an alternating current.

Shaking fingers parse cohesion from meaningless conversations. Mouthless smiles leak familiar words; sneered jabs plunged deep into diaphragmatic cradles protecting cloistered emotional hospices. You grit your teeth, you growl. You chew on enameled dust. The moon glowers. It has seen it all before.