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Crystal Swells // Sightlines - Split [7"]

8 CAD / In stock.
Vancouver, BC
Featuring peach-coloured vinyl and original artwork by Dana Kearley.

From Weird Canada and the commiseration of Bryce Warnes:

Eric Axen’s pop rock ’n roll project Sightlines traces a 20/20 vision of shared suffering. “It’s raining and it’s pouring / it’s beautiful and boring,” he sings on “Commiseration”; sympathy can be the devil. On the flipside, Crystal Swells’ twin ursine jammers could serve as opening and closing themes for a cartoon about a hard-drinking Spirit Bear who picks up a surfboard, takes to the waves and shows No Fun City how to party again. Mood-wise, this is a pink vinyl yin-yang. Cold hard tunes for summer’s coming hot days and soft nights.