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Couleur Dessin - S/T [12"]

18 CAD / In stock.
Montréal, Québec
Limited edition of 200 black 12" vinyl records (140g) in screenprinted jackets, designed and printed by the band in their Montreal studio using recycled covers. Includes a two-sided lyric sheet insert and download code for high-quality digital files. 

Couleur Dessin is the new collaborative project of Anne-Lise Griffon and Christian Simmons (Phern, Sheer Agony, Lantern). The pair fuse improvisational live-to-tape composition, musique concrète experimentation, surrealist French and English cut-up lyrics, and a gear-loose guitar pop sensibility to create psychedelic pop music that is eclectic, inclusive, and catchy. 

The duo take inspiration from wherever they can find it: current events, the ‘60s LA pop scene, French New Wave, Canterbury and Kraut Rock, art installations, instrumental exotica, old and new recording techniques, and social media all make their way into their songs. 

Couleur Dessin's self-titled debut is a dynamic full-length collection of unfolding moods and moments that interlace across its 12 song span.