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Cosy Father - Loser Birds // Boozer Lerds [Cassette]

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Victoria, BC
Cassette version of Cosy Father's debut album!

From Weird Canada and the frayed fibers of Joshua Robinson:

The debut release on Victoria’s Hot Hand Cold Hand label is the warm morning migrating through night-washed hallways. Draped in soft timbres and the gentle whisper of time speaking with itself, Cosy Father pulls gently at the frayed fibers of wool blankets knitted by aged and calloused hands. Its dusty affectations slip through the cracks between attic floorboards, salting the cyclic impressions of footprints embedded in the freckled ground below. These are minimalistlamentations for the close-cornered conversations between past personages astrally projected into syntax. The versesrain down from the cumulous wordcloud of Elizabeth McArthur, as she delivers parables of that which goes on and on. And it is here, at this delicate juncture of pastism dredged from the depths of poignant recollection, that Loser Birds exists as a remedy for sorrowful remembrances and sleepless nights of the phantom phrasings, fleeting footsteps on solemn shores.