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Chad Munson - Albedo [Cassette]

8 CAD / In stock.
Limited Edition, 100 copies on high bias cobalt tape with digital download cards included.

From Weird Canada and the terribly homesick Joshua Robinson:

The sound of fright and might: looped calm speaking to the gleaming infinity of what draws us to the sound of our own breath against a frozen windowpane. These are the sounds of our silence creaking underfoot; servience to the seasonal might that shatters, tears, lulls, and dispels. For every atomic confluence there is an identic marriage of waveforms breathing sempiternity; subtle to-and-fros pleading unto the frozen night that there is in fact a whispered mistral as gentle as it is sprightly. Unto the wind, ‘thank you’; unto the chill, ‘be still’. Unto the day, both heavy and quiet, ‘be as you are, forever as you can be’. Drone on.