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Catholic Girls - Sheila Joined A Cult [Cassette]

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Calgary, AB
gothica // ghostly new wave synthpop from Calgary, AB.

From Weird Canada and the creature features of Matthew Blenkarn:

Catholic Girls’ Sheila Joined A Cult evokes a late-night TV binge from another era. The piercing synths and mechanical beats on ”Daddy Hunting” bring to mind old science-fiction creature features, cutting through your consciousness like some forbidden signal on cathode ray tubes. The eight-bit throb on “Beast” sounds like a blinking spaceship console made of Christmas lights and tin foil. “American Scream” and closer “Hysteria” are all reckless charge and giddy thrills. Like the best fright-night marathons, Sheila Joined A Cult carries a foreboding allure and enough fun to keep you going all night long.