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Burro - Tangerine Rising [Cassette]

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Calgary, AB
Burro's third release has the band moving into more diverse sonic territory. This batch of recordings was pieced together from many of the band's psychedelic journeys. Tangerine Rising features lengthy drones, while working with lightning quick changes and always sinking further into trance states.

From Weird Canada and the strange grassland of Claire Guimond:

“How long have I been here?” Seems like it takes more effort than usual to access your short-term memory, yet it must be there, somewhere, under these heavy planes of uncharted cognition. There’s no solar time reference in this strange grassland, though you can barely remember what the sun feels like — is it always so dark at this time of day? If you could just clear your head, block out the noise from the freak sandstorm pressing in on all sides…

But for near-massless particles of sand, like yourself, this storm is your providence and you’re not quite ready to be alone and invisible. How could you even go anywhere without a weather system? You’re just obeying laws, looking for lower pressure zones, trusting the driving dynamics of the atmosphere. This chaos is controlled, right? How dangerous could it be?

You realize the only way to go is up, so you wait for the countdown that will launch you into space. T minus 2… 1… 0.5… 0.25… 0.125…