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Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer Book II [LP]

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Calgary, AB
The albums of Canadian synth wizard, Bruce Haack, might not have gotten the widespread love and attention they deserved upon their initial releases in the '60s and '70s, but they've nevertheless proven immensely influential and timeless, despite their use of dated technology. Even with various reissues of his work in the past decade, though, a lot of Haack's work is still hard to come by. The sequel to his now-revered 1970 LP Electric Lucifer, Electric Lucifer: Song Book II first arrived in 1979 but hasn't been very available on western shores since then. Telephone Explosion, a label from Haack's native land, is rectifying that dilemma, having announced a nice new pressing of that Electric Lucifer: Song Book II.

From Weird Canada and the prairie talismans of Jared Majeski:

From the gruff hinterlands of Rocky Mountain House, Bruce Haack is a perpetual anomaly. A prodigious and delightfully confusing lone wolf way, way ahead of his time, he has become revered for personal, technological advances — both in the physical machinery he created and the resulting audio output. Book II, his follow-up to the legendary Electric Lucifer, is lyrically heavy; nursery rhythms and vocoded ruminations layered upon Haack’s electronic landscapes. Perhaps it’s the premonitory bullseye on the dizzying, beautiful and intensely distracting influence technology has on our lives, but the Haackified vision of the man-machine humanoid has become a perilously real possibility. At this point, one is asked not to just hear and listen, but to try and understand our (d)evolved techno existence.